Walk ’13

The Alvanley CC Marathon Walk was conceived through being unable to find funding to extend the club’s picket fence. Interest in the walk from members and families soon snowballed and in the end 31 walkers assembled at Moel Famau in North Wales to embark on the 26 mile trek to Alvanley.walk fence

The walk itself took 6 hours for the speed merchants and 10 hours for the slugs but however long it took the outcomes were numerous. For some there was beating self doubt, for others it was about speed. There were many instances of one walker sharing a long stretch of the walk with somebody they wouldn’t normally speak to – in that respect it did wonders for club morale and togetherness. Every walker had to endure the last mile up the side of Helsby Hill but this was tempered by rousing applause as the last 100 yards across the hallowed turf was in view of the expectant audience in the Fred Noden Pavilion.

Looking back across the pitch towards Moel Famau in the distance, the walkers could graphically see their achievement stretched out along the 26 miles.

It is hoped that in excess of £5000 will eventually be raised (some of which will be gift aid – thanks to becoming a CASC). As a result the fence will be built (by the members of course) but in addition a new boiler will be installed and a cellar cooler bought. 

The walk wasn’t just about raising money for these projects but each and every walker will be able to look at the fence, sup a cool pint and enjoy the warmth of the boiler in Winter months, knowing that it was their exceptional efforts that funded them.

Finally, special thanks should go to the team volunteers who  supported the walk as well as the hundreds of sponsors.

Huge congratulations should be offered to all walkers and the many volunteers who made it possible, with particular thanks to Graham Aveyard who’s preparatory work made the event go smoothly

The Route – all 26 miles of it!

Walk route map

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